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Making your Research Matter

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Use this detailed guide made specifically for researchers to help you to engage and empathise with the potential end-users of your research so that the interventions and programs that you create will meet their needs...

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You know social media can really help you to get your science out there- but is it worth all of the time and effort? This printable guide will help you to determine your social media needs, and take action!

Ever wish you could be surrounded by likeminded academics who are interested in having research impact, without burning out?

If you like these resources, you might just love the Well Researched membership- a virtual lab of researchers to learn, take action, and be held accountable by- led by Dr Zali Yager. Each month, we will connect to learn about using evidence-based strategies to enhance your research impact, and your wellbeing. Learn more and join the wait-list by clicking on the button below. 

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