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Professional Mentoring 

work 1:1 with me

Calling all Researchers, Changemakers, and Women who know they can make the world a better place,

But just don’t know how…


I know you want to make a difference,

but you don't know where to start,

or how to fit even more things into a day.


Let’s get creative and strategise ways

to increase your impact,

to work smarter, not harder,

and in less time.

So you can get your work out there

In a way that shares all of your greatness with the world

Without burning yourself out in the process 

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I’m Zali. 

Former Academic. Nonprofit Founder. Mum of 3.
I work with researchers and social entrepreneurs in health and wellbeing to share their work with the world in creative, strategic ways.

And I’ll admit it, I’m completely obsessed with, and energised by supporting smart women to do big things (especially when they are a Mum to little people).

Because it's not about work/life 'balance' when work and life are so closely intertwined now. It's about figuring out how to make it all happen- work, family, and life- without burning yourself out. 

And that's where I can help.

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Consulting: Quote
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I love to work with:


You know you have a lot more to give than papers and grants, but you are not sure how to direct your energy to have the greatest impact. Women who want to be more strategic in making progress and getting promoted, or transitioning out of academia.


Women who have a dream, and want to improve health and wellbeing, but want to do this in ways that align with research and evidence.

Mums and mums-to-be

Women who are, or are hoping to be pregnant and want to strategically manage your work and impact around your motherhood and maternity leave.

Early- and Mid-career Researchers

Who did their PhD to change the world and help people- and you've realised that you've got a bunch of papers, but still need to get your work out there.

Here's what we can do together
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We get clear on what you want, and what would feel good for you


We create a clear process, so you know exactly how to direct your energy.


We make sure you do all those things you said you would do.


We do a deep dive to map out a master plan


We link you up to the people who will help you.


Another set of eyes and ears on what you've got up to.

Happy Clients

"I think you have a creative genius in generating out-of-the-box ideas and seeing (where others cannot) a practical, fresh way forward with projects. It is not just big picture thinking, it is whole systems thinking in great detail with an enormous idea of possibility.  I’ve worked with a number of academics and have never experienced your brand of innovation grounded in science."

Denise Hamburger | Director, Be Real USA

"Zali has that special knack of being able to listen deeply to your experiences and needs. She blends solid evidence and practical solutions that align with a person's context- and her insghts and advice have been 100% targeted, and 100% useful! 

Marion Wands | Director, ConNetica Consulting

“Working with Zali has helped me think more strategically about my research agenda. Even if what I’m doing looks very similar to what I might have been doing before, I feel very differently about it. I feel so clear and confident about what it is I need to do to accelerate my research - and get my promotion!"

Dr Danielle Wagstaff | Lecturer in Psychology

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Let's create the perfect package for you


2.5 hours,


+ 1 month

email and Voxer

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6 x 1 hour Sessions


Monthly. Online.

+ email and Voxer

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12 x 1 hour sessions


Monthly. Online.

+email and Voxer

Email Zali to set up a time for a chat


Based in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia


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