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Feeling overwhelmed by motherhood?

The mess, the noise, and your needs buried underneath everyone else's?

Let's nourish and nurture ourselves to grow through motherhood instead?

Do you feel:

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Exhausted, lacking in energy, and unable to find any time for yourself. Even your self care feels like such an effort?

Overwhelmed, with a lack of control, so you get frustrated, angry, and snappy at your husband and the kids - you are just generally not the Mum you hoped you would be?

Guilty? All the Mum guilt, all the time, about all of the things you are not doing, or 'not doing well'.

Burnt out, behind, and overloaded at work, meaning you are not as productive, meeting your career goals,  or making the progress you have hoped for?

Isolated and alone- Unsure if anyone else is feeling this way, and unable to bring it up with your Mum friends in case they judge you for not loving every moment?

I know how you feel- I was all of these things too. 

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My upcoming membership for Mums will give you your survival mode-exit strategy...

We will support each other to learn and grow, engage in evidence-based strategies that can fast track you to feeling good again.


Let's go on the journey together.





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Great work Mama-- See you soon! 


Before I became a Mum, I thought I knew exactly who I was, where I was going in my career, and what sort of parent I would be... But motherhood really broke me. I thought I was holding it all together, and doing all of the things, after my first was born, and I went back to work, trying to be superwoman. I then had twins, and everyone told me I was superwoman, and I went back to work and did all of the things and then totally. burnt. out. 


After 15 years in research and academia as a researcher in body image and mental health, I could no longer work like I didn't have kids, and parent like I didn't have to go to work.


I also realised that, although I had access to all of the knowledge about the evidence-based strategies that might help me to feel better, I wasn't giving myself permission to give myself time to engage with them. Once I began to practice self compassion, and hold myself accountable, I was able to overcome my overwhelm, self-doubt, and perfectionism, and to break up with being busy. I don't feel so burnt out any more.


I've realised that I love to do this work alongside other women who are sharing the journey, and I am creating a community of women to do just this. I'd love to have you with us.

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