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Fill your cup in 15 minutes

Holidays can be a lot, but they also offer a break in routine, and an opportunity to shake things up a bit- let's take that opportunity to insert some time for you, and your self care to really fill your cup and keep you going- even 15 minutes can change your whole mindset and get you back in the game, feeling refreshed, and ready for the next sibling fight/toddler tantrum/ request for yet more food that comes at you.


When you do get this golden precious little opportunity for time to yourself, it can be hard to know what to do with it. After years of demoting our own needs, it is hard to quickly tune back into them - you can spend the whole time that you had, deciding what to do with your time!


When these windows opened up, I used to think that everything was too hard, too expensive, or would take too long to organise- so I would spend the time just scrolling on my phone, and end up feeling worse, not better than when we started!

But there are things that you can do that are proven to improve your mood and help you to feel like you again- and I've curated my top 5 list with all of the links for you so the next time you get 15 minutes, you can use them! 


If you want to fast-track to feeling good, check out these Top- 5 constructive self care activities that can refresh your mood and fill your cup.


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Enjoy feeling good again!

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