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Evidence-based practice

All of my work is based on the scientific and psychological evidence that guides best practice.

With 16 years of experience in the research sector, there have been a lot of highlights!

  • I have over 40 publications, and have been on research teams attracting more than $3.5 million AUD. 

  • I was awarded two prestigious fellowships: 

    • Creswick Foundation Travelling Fellowship to be a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health and Northeastern Universities, in 2019, and 

    • Leverhulme Post Doctoral Research Fellowship- to spend a year at the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of the West of England, in2012

See my selected publications listed below.

Research: About


As an Associate Professor in the Institute for Health and Sport at VU, I have a range of active research projects that I am working on.

Mother and Child
Waterside Women


Investigating identity, self compassion, and mental health in mothers, and the impact of awareness of the concept of matrescence.


Evaluating the impact of body image programs and resources for mothers of 0-5 year old children.

Camping at the Beach
WFH Setup


Evaluating the impact of a program to improve boys' body image and prevent muscle-building supplement use.


Web-Based Interventions to Reduce Eating Disorders- developing the first early intervention app for body image and eating concerns.

Research: Projects


Research: Text
Open Book


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