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An online group for Academics and Researchers wanting less overwhelm and more impact...

Welcome to a place where you feel more like you belong.

The Well Researched Membership is for Academics and Researchers who:

- Desire to do things differently and make a difference

- Crave a community of like-minded people to bounce ideas around with, and be accountable to

- Need to be less busy, and have better life balance

- Want to increase their impact, with proven strategies, in less time.

- Know that in order to do your best work, you need to maintain your mental health, and you want evidence-based strategies to do this.

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- Find your people

A community of like-minded, passionate academics and researchers who know they want more life, and more impact. Innovative, progressive, smart people who can work with you in monthly huddles, around the challenges that you have in common, to be your champions and hold you accountable.


- Have impact

Curated content around monthly themes relating to your work and life. Join for exclusive members-only content like interviews with experts, and curated evidence-based resources around work topics like research impact, science communication, design thinking, knowledge translation, and using social media, as well as life topics like reducing overwhelm, maintaining your mental health, breaking up with busy, and preventing burnout.


- Create change

Each month, we will focus our action on being curious and experimenting with one aspect of our work and life. We trial simple, quick, easy work, life, and productivity hacks that you've probably heard of, but never got around to implementing. We share and learn from each other. This group will push you to trial these new habits and practices that can change your life and your work.

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- Early and mid-career researchers who have finished your PhD, and might be wondering 'now what?'

- Academics who feel lonely and isolated, and want a group of supportive colleagues to turn to and learn from.

- Researchers who have seen themselves, and their colleagues so overworked, and burnt out, and they want to prevent this from happening to them, again.

- Academics with families and other responsibilities outside of work, who need to create more 'balance'

- People who want to take a different path from the standard track through academia, and maybe grow their own business on the side, or launch your own personal brand.

- Researchers who want to stop feeling inferior when they get journal reviews and grant rejections- because you know that you have so much more to give to the world. 

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- You might feel like you don't really 'fit in ' to academia

- You know you have a lot more to give than papers and grants, but you are not sure how to direct your energy to have the greatest impact

- You did your PhD to change the world and help people- and you've realised that there's not a lot of that happening amidst the never ending marking and administration. 

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- You love your work, but can't keep working so much because it's affecting your life, family, and mental health 
- You need more balance, flexibility and freedom
- You want to avoid being stressed, overwhelmed, and burning out like your colleagues.

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I love academia, and I love research. But after 15 years, I've become frustrated by the limited opportunities to have impact, and the fact that we have to be so overworked and burnt out to be successful in this career.

With a background in Health Education, and expertise in promoting positive body image from a health promotion and health psychology approach, I went into academia thinking that I could help people. After 10 years, I still had nothing that was publicly available besides a bunch of papers and conference presentations. Determined to help people, I've changed that using design thinking, social media, and connection. 

But it hasn't been an easy run- having 3 kids, moving to a regional area, and trying to look after myself and my family while succeeding in research isn't easy. I've had to implement a range of evidence-based strategies to overcome imposter syndrome, self doubt, and perfectionism, and to break up with being busy. I was surprised to find that there is science to support visualisation and meditation for productivity, and have used these to great benefit as well. My research supports the use of self-compassion, and I've had to apply what I know to myself along the way. Now I want to help you to to bring these into the way that you work so that you can achieve impact without burnout.

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Take Your Pick


First few

The first 30 people to sign-up will get all of the Well Researched content and benefits for just $10 a month- locked in for the first 12 months!



Our regular membership level is anything but average. For $30 a month, you get access to exclusive content from experts in academic wellbeing and impact, curated action-focussed resources, and access to your own accountability group.



For those wanting more, join our VIP group who receive everything in our standard offer, plus group coaching with Zali to really accelerate your impact. Numbers are limited so get in quick!

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